Goberning Board Composition

Position name
President Zeltia Augusta Pino
Vicepresident in PASS Isabel Noya Padín
Vicepresident in Education Aarón Puig Rodríguez
Secretary Iria López González
Treasurer Iván Vicente Sinal
Spokesperson Pablo Lago Maciel


Advisory Board

  • Matías Zelarayán Velasco
  • David Álvarez Caneda



The duties of the Student Delegation are:

  1. To act as dialogue bodies with the academic authorities in the establishment of an adequate information on the university life.
  2. To manage the resources.
  3. To promote and coordinate activities on university extension.
  4. To choose their representatives in light of any authority, institution or organisation when there is no election regulation.



Student Delegation
FESS, 1st floor
+34 986 801 722

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We take part in the following sectorals:
Anecafyde | CESED