The Bachelor’s Degree Final Project enables to show the training contents and competences adquired during the degree, in an integrated way

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The Bachelor’s Degree Final Project is included in all the official degrees study plans. For the Bachelor’s Degrees taught in the Faculty of Education Sciences & Sports (FESS) corresponds to 6 ECTS credits in the Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, Primary Education and in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences. It should be undertaken individually and autonomously by the students, guided by an academic mentor.

In the Bachelor’s Degree Final Project the students should show the internalisation of the different formative contents and competences associated to the degree, following the guidelines in the degrees’ reports and the information given in the study guides.


Bachelor’s Degree Final Project 2020/2021

Generic Documents

Bachelor’s Degree Final Project thematic lines offered for the year 2020/2021


Bachelor’s Degree Final Project Management

Examining Boards


Schedule for the defence of Bachelor’s Degree Final Projects


Call Deposit Defence
End of the Bachelor’s Degree
October 2020
22/09/2020 and 23/09/2020 06/10/2020 and 07/10/2020
Timetables and examining boards
1st term
(February 2021)
27/01/2021 and 28/01/2021 11/02/2021 and 12/02/2021
Timetables and examining boards
2nd term
(June 2021)
08/06/2021 and 09/06/2021 22/06/2021 and 23/06/2021
Timetables and examining boards
2nd chance
(July 2021)
08/07/2021 and 09/07/2021 21/07/2021 and 22/07/2021
Timetables and examining boards


Coordination on the Bachelor’s Degree Final Project

Mª Esther Martínez Figueira
+34 986 801 785