Decanal Team Members

  • Pérez Rodríguez, Uxío


  • Alvariñas Villaverde, Mirian

Academic Staff

  • Gutiérrez Santiago, Alfonso
  • Alonso Núñez, Aquilino Santiago


  • Noya Padín, Isabel
  • Álvarez Caneda, David

Administrative and Service Staff

  • Moreira Recamán, Isabel



  • To inform the Permanent Committee and the Faculty Board on the planning and development of the teaching activity, teaching staff compliance, and issues on the physical space organisation, calendars, exams and other issues related with those activities.
  • To coordinate with other centres in terms of elaboration of the free-choice subjects offer for students.
  • To make decisions on the expansion of the number of calls applications, established by the University Permanence Law, requested by students.
  • To propose the pertinent resolutions in the subject of validation to the Permanent Committee.
  • Any other considered by the Faculty Board.