When at the beginning of the 1990s the University of Vigo benefited from the expropriation of the lands of A Xunqueira for new university facilities, a cycle was closed and at the same time a new stage marked by the consolidation and projection of the future of a new university educational space named Campus of Pontevedra was opened.

Thus, centres such as the EGB Teaching University School of Pontevedra, until then integrated into the University of Santiago, began this new stage maintaining the same structures they already had and implementing a new study plan in the year 1993-1994, consisting of the specialisations on Physical Education, Musical Education, Primary Education and Early Childhood Education, reaffirming the commitment that the School of Teaching had taken towards more and more integral and consistent with the new social and labour requirements education.

With the consolidation of this new study plan it arises the opportunity and suitability of creating the Faculty of Education Sciences, consisting of the three-year degree in Teaching (with fours specialisations) and the five-year degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences. This new stage as a Faculty began in 1998 being the Dean Pedro Figueroa Dorrego, and confirming the importance of this new centre in social, cultural and academic network in Pontevedra. Afterwards and once the foundations of the Faculty had been consolidated, the governing body was created, chaired by María Luisa Alonso Escontrela, as Dean of the Centre.

The 26th of February, 2006, the Faculty name enhancement was published in the Galicia Official Gazette, changing to the Faculty of Education Sciences & Sports. That year the Professor José María Cancela Carral was elected Dean, taking this position until 2010. From then until 2015 the Professor Francisca Fariña Rivera was the Dean, being followed by Vicente Romo Pérez until 2021. The current centre’s Dean is the Professor Óscar García García.

In the last years, the degrees in the Faculty have been adapted to the European Higher Education Area. Currently, the Bachelor’s Degrees in Early Childhood Education, in Primary Education and in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences are taught in the centre. This educational offering is completed by four Master’s Degrees and three PhD Programmes.