The University of Vigo, in accordance with its Statutes, is objectively oriented to the promotion and development of scientific, technical, humanistic and artistic research as the foundation of teaching, as a mean for the community development and as a support for social knowledge transfer. In this way, research is a right and a duty for the academic staff in the University of Vigo, according with its overall goals and within the established limits given by the legal system, standing out those derived from the ethics commitments taken by the scientific community, like the deontological rules.

On the other hand, the regulation in the different research funding calls requires that any project involving research on human beings, use of their personal data or of biological samples from humans, animal testing or use of biological agents or of genetically modified organisms, not only fulfils the established requirements on the current legislation but also include an express authorization by the Ethics Committee from the centre where the research is going to take place.

Apart from these requests, the Faculty of Education Sciences & Sports, as a public research and teaching institution, is aware of its responsibility facing society and, therefore, created a Research Ethics Committee, in order to provide a fast and effective answer to the current needs or to those which can appear in the future related with the scientific research developed in its field, to protect the people’s fundamental rights, the animals and environment welfare, and the respect to the principles and bioethics commitments taken by the scientific community and by the University Statutes.

Research Ethics Committee Regulation (XF 11/03/2014)
Project Evaluation Request for the Committee