Designation of the Degree Graduated in Early Childhood Education in the University of Vigo
RUCT Code 2501120
Branch of knowledge Social and Legal Sciences
Teaching centre Faculty of Education Sciences & Sports
Type of education Classroom education
Educational type Full time
Number of offered entry-level places 75
Number of ECTS credits 240 ECTS credits
Minimum number of ECTS in enrolment 60 ECTS for full time enrolments
Specialisations offered (in the centre) Specialisation on Physical Education
Specialisation on Music Education
Specialisation on Curricular Deepening
Languages of the Degree Galician and Spanish
Permanence Regulation UVIGO 21/06/2017
Issuing of the diploma supplement Requirements: RD 22/2015 (BOE 07/02/2015)
Degree coordinator María Asunción Lorenzo Rial
Date of the degree implementation 27/08/2009 (DOG 16/09/2009)
Date of the Council of Ministers Approval 30/10/2009 (BOE 05/01/2010)
Date of publication of the Study Plan 15/10/2010 (BOE 03/11/2010)
Study Plan Amendments 28/01/2011 | 11/01/2013 | 22/11/2016
Accreditation Date 15/09/2017
Current Degree Report Current Report