Foreign degrees validation

The validation and recognition of the official validity in Spain of degrees achieved in foreign education system, into the national equivalent degrees.

Guide to regulated validation and equivalence procedures regulated by the RD 967/2014 (MECD)


How to request validation

Through the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports web page (MECD).

A favourable validation resolution by the MECD, conditioned by the previous overcoming of the educative complementary requirements, enables to formalise the enrolment in the University of Vigo as long as the educative offer includes that degree or an equivalent in the new degrees structure.

The educative complementary requirements can include passing an aptitude tests, performing an internship period, developing a project or assessment or passing tutored courses. When the MECD gives more than one option, the requester can freely choose by filling in the corresponding request model.

Educative complementary requirement request

Those who are interested must formalise the enrolment at least 15 days before performing the tests, the beginning of the internship period or the project or assessment presentation. The enrolment will enable to perform the tests according to the corresponding calls.

The requests must be addressed to the centre management body with the requested documentation and directly submitted to the administrative unit in the study centre.

The validation implies the recognition of the academic degree and means the validation of the professional effects intrinsic to the reference Spanish degree.


Information on the aggregated tests


According to what has been stated before, the requests deadline is through the academic year, although depending on the chosen option, in the case of attending to tutored courses, if it is performed once the enrolment period has finished (in August, consult the enrolment call in the University of Vigo-), it will be necessary to wait to the next academic year to enrol.

Documentation to be submitted

  • The original and a photocopy of the ID card or passport for its collation.
  • The original and a photocopy of the updated documentation submitted by the MECD, including the deficiencies observed during the processing of the validation process, for its collation.

Registration fees

Aggregated tests: 116,53 €
Internship period: 9,37 €/credit
Project or assessment: 116,53 Euros
Tutored Courses: 9,37 €/credit

Tests dates

To be determined.

Selection board

To be determined.


To get more information, contact with the email or in the telephone 986 801 702.