The practicum is an educative activity performed by students supervised by universities, with the objective of applying and complementing the knowledges adquired during their academic education


The main objectives for the Curricular External Internships are:

  • To contribute to the comprehensive education of students by complementing their theoretical and practical learning.
  • To facilitate the understanding of the work methodology adapted to the professional reality in which the future teaching staff will have to operate, contrasting and applying the acquired knowledge.
  • To facilitate the development of the technical, methodological, personal and participative competences.
  • To obtain a practical experience which would facilitate the insertion in the labour market and improve their future employability.
  • To facility the innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.


In order to enrol the Practicum it will be necessary to have passed 70% of the Basic and Mandatory Education credits, corresponding to the first three years.


The responsible centres will count on the Educational Collaboration Agreements necessary to carry out the Practicum. The centre will guarantee that all students enrolled in the Practicum have a centre to develop it. As far as possible, each student developing their internships will chose their Practicum centre among those with a punctual collaboration agreement or with an internship agreement.


Practicum 2022/2023

On-line management of the Practicum
The documentation and Internship Report submission can be done through the platform Moovi and in the Centres and Departments Management Support Office


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Practicum Coordinator

María Begoña Paz García
+34 986 801 785